19+ years of business operations in 80+ countries

The alarming spread of COVID-19 has been deeply concerning to us at Markelytics. In trying times such as this, we want to address this issue and let our people know – we care. Therefore, to reach out and ensure the employees’ safety in and out of the workplace, Markelytics has taken the necessary steps to curb and tackle the spread of the novel COVID-19:

“Hope for the best, prepare for the worst” was the mantra we mulled over. At the same time, the novel coronavirus was yet to be declared a pandemic, but the path ahead was harrowing. The scenario was shifty to ensure safety at the workplace. The following series of measures were unfolded, keeping the safety of the people in mind and thus ensuring everyone’s well being because caring starts within the company.

1.   Getting the workplace ready (When COVID-19 was at its initial phase)

  • Sterilization of all the floors using a disinfectant.
  • Distribution of hand sanitizers at different points of location in the office.
  • Maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of the workplace through cleaning surface-level equipment such as phones, desktops, tables, and chairs.

  2.   #PeopleFirst:

Our people come first. We take pride in our people, who are the most valuable assets, who maneuver our operations and add depth and dimension to the company. Employees and their work make the brand. Ensuring their safety is our top priority.

  • Educating the employees to take necessary precautions such as personal hygiene and hand sanitizers at every desk motivated them and helped create a net of safety feeling in the workplace.
  • Assisted in government’s efforts by reducing the workforce in the workplace, thus facilitating social distancing and practising all the advised precautions.

3.   Spreading the word:

  • To create awareness on how to keep oneself safe, Markelytics sheds a light on the crucial Do’s & Don’ts to flatten the outbreak of COVID-19
  • Leveraging our social media platforms in order to use all the tools at our dispense in creating awareness to promote informative posts on various updates on the novel coronavirus and how to stay safe.

4.   Business Operations:

  • At Markelytics, we were quick to adapt to video calls for communications and the weekly brainstorming sessions are now handled via conference calls, acing work from home challenges.
  • Stay home and work smart with our Online Research Capabilities: Courtesy of our global online research capabilities, built through the course of 19+ years of business operations in 80+ countries, we understand the pain points amidst the current global scenario. The online research prowess that we possess has helped multiple clients across the globe and we’re ready as before to help our clients gain quality data from panellists across sectors and demographics.
  • Digital Products:We understand that the show must go on and to help our clients or prospects achieve their research objectives, our Online Qualitative Solutions platform and the Online Survey Creation with proprietary panels integrated comes very handy. The multi-functional adaptability of our products helps clients scale and score irrespective of where they are and which location they want to cover in their research.

Lastly, we urge you to remain calm. Avoid panic and take precautionary measures. In bitter-sweet irony, by social distancing, we stand together in solidarity, silently fighting against the outbreak collectively as a nation with our government’s efforts. We know it is a very tiny effort but if we all can do something, the force is going to amplify and make the effect bigger & better for all of us. Stay Indoors, Stay Safe.

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