Unravel the complexities of the human senses - The touch, taste, sight, sniff, and sound of success.

It’s difficult to envision a product or service without a sensory profile: touch, smell, taste, sight, and sound are an integral part of any product experience. When your customers use these services/products, these senses are in action. Using the senses allows you to communicate with your consumers on a nonverbal & unconscious level. By bringing expert sensory profiling and evaluation together with what consumers say, Markelytics develops real human insight that truly keeps the senses of your business in their hearts.  

Human senses- Sensory Research


From fully furnished kitchen tests to remote moderation and observation tools, Markelytics specialize in a variety of taste and sensory solutions for both in-person and virtual demands. Whether your study requires home-use tests, in-market situations, or substantial in-facility work, we’re prepared to satisfy the requirements of your next project. Our Kitchen tests, specifically intended for market research, can be utilized for product usage, packaging, and innovation initiatives. 


It’s a matter of taste – which is why it’s critical to select the right partner when conducting taste tests and sensory research. Whether you’re launching a new product or enhancing an old one, Markelytics allows you to understand your product and your customers, ensuring a successful launch.  



Our expertise in taste tests includes the products like –

  • Soft Drinks
  • Diary Products
  • Restaurant Items
  • Baked Goods
  • Beers/Wines/Liquor


The fragrance is an important factor in influencing a product’s consumer acceptability. Choosing the perfect smell is as personal as selecting the perfect outfit. Markelytics selects the most suitable fragrance based on statistically reliable and scientific data gathered via the sniff test methodology. 

Sniff/Fragrance testing at Markelytics allows you to assess:

The importance of fragrance in product creation (generally, products for cleaning, hygiene, beauty, perfumes, and cosmetics in general)

To put the scent's functional region to the test: what kind of product may this aroma be associated with?

The brand/"olfactory" product's territory, tracing patterns and behaviors associated with the smell (what does it evoke and what type of customer prefers it?)

Positive and negative characteristics of each scent tested

Emotional and functional aspects generated by each fragrance tested