Markelytics cover 80+ markets across the globe with 200+ cumulative experience working on multi-country projects. Our rich global experience coupled with the latest technology prowess ensure that we maintain data quality & give the necessary reach to multiple geographies. We have the reach and resources to meet the global research needs of respective projects.  

Over the years,  Markelytics has had the benefit of seeing and firsthand, what approaches lead to successful outcomes and what pitfalls must be avoided. We put our primary focus on data quality in data collection, data analysis, and data dissemination by combining our technologically evolved sampling capabilities.   


  • Global Online Panels to ensure reach
  • Dedicated team for every account
  • Technologically evolved data quality checks
  • Adept with all tools & techniques for Data Analysis
  • Experienced in handling large multi-country studies
  • Cost-effective because of our reach & trusted associations


We do admit that while commissioning any market research project, you look out for expertise & proven results for reassurance that your project is in the right hands. Though we may not provide you the complete details due to client confidentiality & data privacy, we want to give you a sense of the work we do and the difference we make to our clients’ businesses.   

Find a few samples of our case studies. To browse more, please click the know more button. Alternatively, if you would like to discuss anything in detail over the call, we’d be happy to guide you in your areas of interest. 

Understand Brand Salience in the Coffee Market
Understand Brand Salience in the Coffee Market
Study the Global Brand Health for OTT Category
Study the Global Brand Health for OTT Category


Markelytics has its operational reach in 80+ countries. Over the years, Markelytics has become synonymous with trust, transparency, and business transformation among its clients across the globe covering Asia, Africa, the Middle East, America & Europe.

Markelytics ensure that all the data collection methodologies are deployed as per the convenience of our global respondents. To avoid any language barriers, we’ve 50+ international & 100+ domestic CATI seats with native callers for higher comprehensibility. 

Data Quality is at the heart of everything we do & we strongly strive for extensive data quality to empower the businesses to take giant leaps of innovation by using stringent quality checks. To make sure there are no data quality issues, we make certain quality checks through – IP Geo-fencing, Digital Fingerprinting, Proxy & Browser Detection, Postal Address Verification, Automatic Fraud Detection Technology, Triple opt-in Panelists, Registration checks, Continuous monitoring of responses, Conduct Survey Campaigns, PEEP (Panel Engagement & Elimination Process)

Get local expertise and global reach with Multi-country studies