Markelytics is one of the leading global data collection companies with years of experience in various sectors. Utilizing our global reach with tech-enabled tools, we provide qualitative and quantitative research to dig for valuable information.   

Qualitative Research Offerings – Sensory research, Ethnographies, IDIs/FGDs, Consumer Immersion studies 

Quantitative Research Offerings – Automotive, B2B, Central Location Test, CAPI, Healthcare, HNIs 

We work with organizations looking for a complete picture of their customer base. Over the years, we have built up Panels of professionals in the B2B, Healthcare, HNWIs, and Consumers categories across the globe. We have an operational reach in  80+ countries.  

Over the years, we boast our quick turnaround & hard-to-reach audiences. We have a team of experienced professionals skilled in conducting multi country studies across the globe.   

We provide Global Data Collection Services through:

  • Online Panels – Markelytics has varied online panels of Consumer, B2B, Healthcare Panels, HNWIs, Gen Z & Millennials Panel & Custom Panels around the globe. The panels are authenticated with strict 10-tier quality checkpoints. All the panelists are verified via triple opt-in as per the information provided by them. We conduct research following the ESOMAR/GDPR Code of Conduct, including all the other means to protect data privacy. We strictly ensure the privacy of all our panelists and never sell the details to any third party. 
  • Field Services – Markelytics conduct robust field surveys for respondents to have the best user experience. We have one of the largest field forces with exceptional knowledge in data collection/project management around the globe. For field surveys, we manage various types of methodologies without compromising on data quality by pre-recruiting our respondents via CATI, Online surveys. For field surveys, we’re a single point for hassle-free management of multiple & single market research projects. 
  • CATI/CAPI/CAWI – Our CATI Centre staff are multilingual with 50+ seats for International CATI with native callers & 100+ seats for India CATI with 10 domestic languages. We always allocate native speakers to ensure the utmost accuracy in our research and translation to guarantee consistency and data quality across all our projects. 
  • 80+ Markets Covered
  • 9.5 Mn Completes
  • 1.1 Mn B2B Professionals
  • 24 Mn Global Registered Consumers
  • 6.4 Mn Registered Consumers in India
  • 540K Healthcare Professionals
  • 7600 HNWIs
  • 150+ Medical Specialties


We do admit that while commissioning any market research project, you look out for expertise & proven results for reassurance that your project is in the right hands. Though we may not provide you the complete details due to client confidentiality & data privacy, we want to give you a sense of the work we do and the difference we make to our clients’ businesses.   

Find a few samples of our case studies. To browse more, please click the know more button. Alternatively, if you would like to discuss anything in detail over the call, we’d be happy to guide you in your areas of interest. 

Evaluate Debit/Credit Card Usage Pattern for a Global Consulting Firm- Case Study
Evaluate Debit/Credit Card Usage Pattern for a Global Consulting Firm
Track Consumer Behavior towards Skin Care Products using Mobile App
Track Consumer Behavior towards Skin Care Products using Mobile App

FAQs about Global Data Collection

Markelytics is committed to international compliance with data privacy laws, regulations, and standards as part of its social responsibility. This data protection policy applies to Markelytics globally and is based on universally recognized basic data protection standards. As the standard to which Markelytics, its employees, and suppliers must adhere, this Policy incorporates the core principles of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”). 

The GDPR-enhanced international privacy principles are incorporated into the Data Protection Policy.  They are subsidiary to and supplement any applicable national legislation. If there is a disagreement with this Policy or if it has stricter requirements than this Policy, the relevant national laws will likely take precedence. Furthermore, Markelytics complies with the criteria of the ICC/ESOMAR International Code on Market, Opinion, and Social Research and Data Analytics for any market research organization. 

To maintain data quality, Markelytics follow 10-tier data protection steps to offer unmatched panel and survey quality following stringent checks to maintain data quality.  

The 10-tier steps are IP Geo-fencing, Digital Fingerprinting, Proxy & Browser Detection, Postal Address Verification, Automatic Fraud Detection Technology, Triple opt-in Panelists, Registration checks, Continuous monitoring of responses, Conduct Survey Campaigns, PEEP (Panel Engagement & Elimination Process) 

Markelytics have its DPO officer, who can be reached at 

The DPO is Markelytics’ internal and external data protection contact person. The officer conducts check to ensure that Markelytics staff are conversant with the contents of this Data Protection Policy and applicable legislation. The relevant management must assist the DPOs in their efforts. 

Within Markelytics, the DPO will have:  

  • To monitor compliance with data protection legislation, including managing internal data protection operations, advising (not to conduct) on data protection impact assessments, training staff, and conducting internal audits. 
  • To serve as the first point of contact for supervisory authorities and individuals whose data is being handled (employees, customers, etc.). 
  • Must report to the organization’s top management level 
  • To work independently of professional directions and without being dismissed or penalized for doing so. 

Get reliable and comprehensive data without compromising data quality