Feedback System management

A DIY Online Survey creation tool for developing creative surveys with multiple question types, logic including image/video-based questions coupled with ease of questionnaire customization and real-time survey status tracking, data collection, and results. 

Get the power of research & researcher with this product; use it for, 

Online survey creation

Feedback system management

Data collection & real-time results

Feedback Management System


Plug-in Media Files

SEC Based Questions

Quota Management

Integrated Consumer Panel

SDK/API Integration

Schedule Survey Launch

Question Types

Survey Logic

Multiple Launch Options

Customize End Page

Real-time Results

Survey Automation

Theme Customization

Feedback Collection

Manage Survey

You don’t need to be a researcher to do research:

A product to Develop, Disseminate, and Diagnose surveys.

Four steps towards moving forward

Build a Survey

Make a Questionnaire in 4-5 clicks

Create a survey automatically by uploading AI formatted questionnaire

Choose from 11 types of questions and 8 complex logic type queries

Choose Quota to manage the number of responses & get a Quota alert notification

Ability to include questions based on images, videos & audio files

Customize end page message and add footer notes as per the requirement

Customize the look and feel of the survey via Theme customization

Choose Audience & Launch

Define your target group from 2.2 million existing consumers Select from 200+ attributes to finalize the target demographic

Use or share the survey link to the target audience

Integrate your app/website to push surveys to your traffic


Customize the survey before the launch

Modify the survey to appeal to the target audience visually

Modify the end message with a better conclusion


Get the survey overview of each of the questions

Ability to download & share the results

View the frequencies by either surveys or questions

Analyze and understand what most respondents think