Reach, Read and Respond

Get the reach across the globe to read your audiences and respond with better & smarter business strategies.

Markelytics Solutions has online consumer panels across the globe covering Asia, America, Africa, and Europe. All the registered members are double opt-ins with email verification; moreover, our panel members are triple opt-ins (TOIs) with email and mobile numbers verified for a few countries. Gradually, TOIs are becoming the regular norm with all our new members. Post joining, all the panel members are authenticated with robust & strict quality check procedures and profile completion covering 200+ attributes. The in-depth profiling helps our clients to target specific groups of people for their studies.  

We invest heavily to recruit and engage our members to keep the response rate high and the churn on the lower side. In fact, we boast of maintaining single-digit churn and continuous growth in our response rate despite the global business turmoil due to covid-19. Lately, we’ve also launched private communities for our members in select countries. 

Our tech-enabled approach and processes ensure quality checks are in place during recruitment and engagements for maintaining superior data quality: 

IP Geo-fencing

Digital Fingerprinting

Proxy & Browser Detection

Postal Address Verification

Automatic Fraud Detection Technology

Triple opt-in Panelists

Registration checks

Continuous monitoring of responses

Conduct Survey Campaigns

PEEP (Panel Engagement & Elimination Process)

Our members are profiled based on the following segments & each segment includes a multitude of questions to create sub-segments of niche audiences: 

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