Online Qualitative Solutions

Ahead of time product that integrates the business requirements for conducting online qualitative solutions (IDIs/FGDs) for a global audience, sentiment analysis using facial coding, eye tracking via heat mapping into one.  

Decipher the hidden metaphors of your consumers by using this new-age product to conduct: 

Online IDIs

Online FGDs

Sentiment Analysis using Facial Coding

Heat-mapping through eye-tracking

Online Qualitative Solutions


Join on the Go

In-call Polls/Questions

Share Real-time Media

Backroom Participants


Manage Participants

Live Group Chat


Speaker Identifier

Schedule Call

Multiple Invitee type

Impromptu Call

Accessibility, Accuracy & Applicability:

A Digital Suite built to serve all your Qualitative needs Four steps towards building foresight

Towards building foresight

Set-up Discussions

Create a Video/Audio call based on your requirements

Choose between one-on-one or group discussion (Focus group). Schedule calls via Google calendar, Outlook calendar (with .ics file), Yahoo Calendar

Add up to 16 participants (3 moderators and clients each, 9 respondents, 1 Translator)

Save scheduled meetings without adding any invitees

Set up reminder

Manage Discussions

Add instant polls and Share files

Conduct Ad sentiment analysis using facial coding

Plot heat mapping using Eye-tracking

Ability to mute/unmute, add/remove participants during the call. Conduct concept/product tests

Add Polls & Media

Create and save the call

Add the poll to ask during the discussion call

Choose from 5 question types

Add media files in video or audio format

Enable emotional analysis and eye-tracking features for sentiment analysis

Get Results

Auto-record conversations with audio transcription

Save and Export the transcripts of all your calls

Share the results of all polls and questions

Get real-time results to analyze and act better