Explore the thrill of understanding the Elite segment's behavior

High Net-Worth Individuals or HNIs panel consist of the upper-class category of people. A tight schedule and availability of this panel category make it hard to conduct surveys and research since getting an appointment and convincing them to take part in the study requires a strong pull. Our in-house HNIs panel facilitates a smooth completion of every project within stipulated timelines. 

On-Site Interviews

On-site interviews are a form of face-to-face interviews that help in gathering first-hand information conducted on-site. Our strong network strength and relationship management enable us to collect all the crucial data successfully under strict timelines.  

In-Home FGDs/IDIs

We conduct in-home focus group discussions (FGDs) and in-depth interviews (IDIs) with our HNI panel for detailed analysis to get an exhaustive list of research findings. A powerful data collection method comprising of advanced technological tools that ensure coherence and credibility. 

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