Revolutionizing the automotive industry market research

Customer demand and perception have completely boomed in the automotive industry. The fierce competition among the industry players has given rise to an increasing need for supporting data that could help them to make smarter decisions that are relevant to their customer needs. 

At Markelytics, we combine the power of technology with our best minds to revamp the automotive market research process and create an impact, covering every domain in this industry globally. 

Car Clinics

Innovation has been the guiding light for growth and advancement in this industry.A car clinic is a research method that helps you evaluate new concepts/models and gain feedback on areas for improvement in your vehicle. Our rich experience in the domain makes us the one-stop solution for all your car clinic studies and research. 

Luxury Car Owners

Luxury car owners help in study buying behavior and pattern from the upper segment. It is a rapidly growing category which makes it essential to collect valuable data through research. Our panel consists of people from every category to bring you the most extensive and authentic research results. 

Dealers Interviews

The dealers are one of the most important stakeholders in this industry, having a vast knowledge of the domain and trends within the industry. Our team conducts surveys with the panel to bring valuable input from every domain.  

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