Bring in clarity around your customers’ buying behavior through Ethnographic Research

Markelytics provides ethnographic research services for business owners, market research firms, marketing consultants, business owners, C-level executives, and ethnographers. Our ethnographic market research study goes beyond traditional focus groups and surveys to get information about client lifestyles. Our team with online ethnographic solutions makes it cost-effective and simple to develop complete ethnographic research reports that ease the process of exploring new markets and targeting new client groups by solving critical consumer issues. 

 To summarise, our ethnographic research methods assist clients in improving marketing studies, reducing research expenses, and analyzing social media interactions. 

Our expertise in taste tests includes the products like –
  • In-home ethnos
  • Hospital surgery ethnos
  • Mystery Shopping/Audits
  • Workshops

In-home Ethnos

With Markelytics In-home ethnos, gain deep insights into the real usage of the products. We assist organizations in identifying potential for game-changing breakthroughs in marketing, advertising, TV commercials, and even product development. 


Our team visits the respondents’ homes and conducts interviews with them in their real-life environment. We observe their daily lives with our own eyes. Thus, it is effective in analyzing their actual product usage and perception. It is also possible to understand their values through observing their life. 


We make sure that the respondents remain at ease, and to establish confidence, we arrange and schedule interviews to tell the respondents before visiting their houses. 

Hospital surgery ethnos

There’s a great saying by Harper Lee from To Kill a Mockingbird which says,” You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view – until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.” 


For Hospital Surgery Ethnos, Markelytics‘ passion for understanding the authentic patient experience through live surgeries and generating relevant patient-focused intelligence stands out. We have established a solid reputation for delivering live studies, allowing our clients to understand their patient audiences on a level unachieved previously. 

Mystery Shopping/Audits

For mystery shopping, Markelytics uses a secret shopper to act like a real customer to evaluate the customer experience in-person or online. 


During a mystery shop for the in-person experience, our trained researcher evaluates several factors that impact their experience at a restaurant, retail shop, or event facility. The researcher will often evaluate factors such as food, staff interactions, and/or amenities. Online or Telephone mystery shops, we employ customer service representatives that interact with clients/customers over the phone or online to gain reliable data for the companies. 


We make sure that our mystery shopper is prepared to handle any unexpected questions from a customer service associate or staff member & informed of the company’s location, products, services, and all other factors that may impact the research. 


For workshops, Markelytics conducts an interactive session, often taking a full day or more, in which clients, researchers, and/or other participants such as customers work intensively on an issue or question. The process often combines elements of qualitative research, brainstorming, and problem-solving. Workshop sessions may involve larger numbers of people than conventional group discussions and involve more than one moderator or facilitator. 


Since our team has conducted workshops in a range of formats for a range of audiences across the globe, we’re experienced in creating vibrant workshops equipped with tools, techniques, and support to conduct research innovatively and playfully.


To gain an emic perspective or the native’s point of view of a specific culture or environment through Ethnographic Research, contact us 

To gain an emic perspective or the native’s point of view of a specific culture or environment through Ethnographic Research,