Raw. Unbiased. Controlled.

Central location test is a method of quantitative research that is conducted in a centralized environment. Physical presence helps in maintaining a controlled framework throughout the process. This in turn helps in eliminating bias along with providing a chance to observe the body language and sensory inputs of the respondents. A great way for healthy engagement, based on the participant’s real-time actions. It also provides convenience of saving time and resources and is a cost-effective method of conducting research. 

Gang Surveys

A gang survey is a kind of group test – a combination of qualitative & quantitative research methods. Markelytics offers end-to-end research by conducting gang surveys before the launch of your new product and providing quick feedback from your customers for a swift and smooth launch of your product/service. The quantitative part usually includes filling out questionnaires to gather direct responses, followed by a qualitative discussion over the same. 

Ad Test

Brand image largely depends on its advertisement. Many brands are unable to measure the effectiveness of their ad strategy and end up suffering its repercussions in the long run. With Markelytics, you can evaluate and analyze your advertising performance, position, and scope of growth. Get a better understanding of your customers’ responses and refine your campaigns according to their needs. 

Concept Test

Get your newly developed concept and product evaluated and tested to know their impact before they are launched. With the help of our latest marketing models and analytics, we can help you in safeguarding your investment in your soon-to-be-launched products/concepts by researching for you to gauge your customers’ reactions to your ideas.  

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