Get an accurate assessment of Policy Needs, Evaluation, and Public Opinion through Social Research.

Markelytics has a strong team of highly experienced experts in comprehending societal issues and assisting with statistical and econometric data analysis. We have been collaborating with social workers, researchers, and health and development economists to generate high-quality data on developmental efficacy to understand the effectiveness of policies and the needs of the hour globally through research.   

Markelytics specializes in conducting nationwide and large-scale surveys for non-profits, non-governmental organizations, local governments, and central governments using online and offline research methods.  

We conduct Program Monitoring and Evaluation, Need and Initiative Impact Assessment, Public Opinion, Public Policy Effectiveness Measurement, Institutional Ethics Committee (IEC) research and design by employing a large global field force that is trained, briefed, and monitored by local supervisors and partners.  

Markelytics caters to the research studies around following verticals –

  • Healthcare Institutions
  • Women Empowerment
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health
  • Housing Finance Support Services
  • Resident Survey
  • Microfinance companies
  • Population, Family Welfare, and Planning
  • Environmental Status
  • Rural and Urban Development
  • Underprivileged Children

Census Research

Conduct statistical investigation for every element/unit of the population. Markelytics does census research not just for a national population but also for homes, businesses, farms, books in a library, automobiles from an assembly line, and any other tailor-made research requirements. We have competence in providing thorough information on all or most parts of the population, allowing us to calculate totals for rare population groups or small geographic areas.  

Because a census and a sample survey have many characteristics in common, such as the use of a questionnaire to gather information, the requirement to analyze and edit data, and the susceptibility to numerous kinds of error, our team has developed a suite of solutions to meet census research objectives.  

Researchers at Markelytics look for new approaches to conducting census research surveys to enhance respondent engagement, lower expenses, and improve accuracy. In addition, they examine the data we collect and find trends that help us understand our complex society better.   

CSR Activity Effectiveness Research

Know the effectiveness of CSR Activities on Business Performance. Given the necessity for long-term development, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become an enormously significant topic for businesses, communities and public policy makers. In a globalized economy with strong competition, CSR is frequently regarded as a critical basis for firms to obtain and maintain competitive advantages.  

We believe that community involvement is becoming increasingly important for consumers and, as a result, for businesses. Markelytics assists companies in evaluating CSR initiatives and measuring their impact on society through our diverse niche online panels and large global field. We assist businesses in understanding how consumers, businesses, and other government entities perceive them and how they behave in order to track changes in opinion over time. To know whether the companies are going in the right direction with their CSR programmes, Markelytics can help by providing norms, benchmarks, and statistical reassurance.   

To evaluate whether you’re pioneering or lagging in your sector for CSR programmes, reach us at

NGOs Research

Repurpose NGO data for better outcomes. NGOs are often at the forefront of the struggle for human rights. They develop the world’s most vulnerable population socially & economically by highlighting important social issues.  

Markelytics conducts NGO research to evaluate the outer interventions (if any), collect data & information that helps NGOs make better decisions, implement social activities & plan future initiatives more effectively. 

Explore areas of human behavior to gain a greater understanding of individuals and societies