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Leverage technology to gain access to global healthcare stakeholders & medical professionals

Through years of experience & expertise, Markelytics has niche capabilities in conducting quantitative & qualitative healthcare data collection across North America, Europe, and APAC. This is where healthcare expertise meets market insights for building a better global healthcare infrastructure coupled with developing a holistic understanding of local healthcare requirements.  

All our healthcare members are double opt-ins with email verification. During & post joining, all our global healthcare members are authenticated with robust & tech-enabled quality check procedures and profile completion that list their specialties, sub-specialties, years of practice, clinical interests, and a host of other details. All our healthcare members are bound to a maximum number of surveys per month or quarter depending on geography and specialty. Services also include refreshing the panel periodically by recruiting new members and retiring irrelevant panelists. Panelists who provide inconsistent answers, straight-line answers, and speeding surveys are removed from the panel permanently.  

The global proprietary healthcare panel of Markelytics covers 150+ medical specialties adept in handling all kinds of primary healthcare research. Our comprehensive panel comprises patients, physicians, nurses, dieticians, pharmacists, key opinion leaders, allied healthcare professionals, and OB-GYNs. Our obstetric panel or gynecology panels are profiled to deliver comprehensive solutions for studies around Obstetrics & Gynecology specialties.

Moreover, we also have dedicated exclusive private communities for select healthcare members across the US, UK, and other European countries. We have plans to expand this to other countries in the times ahead. Our extensive Healthcare community and flexible web-based applications are evolving continuously to bring clients up to speed with the dynamic needs of Healthcare market research. 

Our global healthcare panel covers the following segments 

Medical Practitioners from 150+ specialties

Hospital Administrators






Procurement Personnel

Our members from medical practitioners’ groups are profiled based on the following attributes, and similar profiling is done for other healthcare segments as well: 

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