Get real-time survey results with zero risk of errors

CAPI – Computer Assisted Personal Interview is an offline or a face-to-face survey research method where the interviewee administers a survey with the help of an electronic device and inputs the responses directly into it. Markelytics team is trained in survey administration to deliver quick results with zero human error easily and affordably.

Exit Interviews

Customer feedback has always been an integral part of any business. Exit interviews are conducted either during or at the end of the purchase process of any customer. We at Markelytics can help you accurately assess consumers’ perception and experience and ensure that you learn more about their satisfaction levels so that you form long-term relations with them and grow as a business. 

Shop Audits

As the name suggests, shop audits help in tracking your brand health in the market. We analyze multiple parameters that might affect the effectiveness of your sales and merchandising process. With the help of our technologically advanced data collection methods, we can help you understand the marketplace & gauge and enhance your sales, products, customer experience and footprints etc. in an efficient and time-saving manner. 

D2D Household Interviews

D2D or door-to-door household interviews involve conducting surveys at the doorstep of the respondents. It also helps in observing the sensory inputs and non-verbal cues from the respondents. Our trained professionals conduct thorough research with their skills and expertise and aim to achieve quality responses, the pillars of our credibility. 

Street Intercepts

The street intercept research method comprises collecting on-site survey responses. It helps to get prompt feedback from the eligible respondents while the business experience and interaction details are still in their minds, with maximum accuracy. Our trained interviewers, optimum cost and quick turnaround time can help you achieve your research objective with minimal effort.

Usage & Attitude Studies

Understand your customers’ attitude towards your product. Focusing on consumers’ needs ought to be one of the most vital functions of every business. The marketers must understand the consumer’s behaviour and attitude not only for the future development of the product but also to utilize their communication channels efficiently.  

With our expertise in conducting U&A studies, we can help you gain extensive knowledge about your customers to help you form better future strategies.

We aim to make the research process for our clients simple and effective. To find out more,