Global Data Collection

Imagine you recently introduced a new vehicle in the market and you want to know how well it has been received by the audience but you don’t have the resources to get all the information OR you want to explore and engage qualified respondents knowledge OR you want to understand why your customers prefer your rival brand, it becomes an impediment when you don’t have the proper bandwidth to conduct market research.

Global Data Collection – Design surveys and questionnaires that give credible high-quality data collected from various geographical locations. With having a diverse range of respondents globally, we offer services where you can handpick from different methods of collecting data; you can choose the kind of respondents you need for your research to the type of method you want to execute from Online panels, Field Services, Mobile Surveys to CATI/CAPI/CAWI. Data collected is faster with our highly integrated tech tools and relevant to the clients’ target audience. We work diligently towards providing effective research solutions. If you happen to be an independent professional and you may only want a sample size of 300 respondents or you are working for a larger organization and your sample size may exceed 70,000, maybe you only want to target a specific market location; you can choose from carefully suited services where we have 24 million registered consumers globally with consumer panel reach in 60+ countries, it only helps with your business objective which sums up to a successful customer understanding

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