Markelytics grand 15th-anniversary celebration.
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Every birthday in a person’s life depicts their journey so far, their experiences and the story of their life. For us, February 2, 2019, was something like that, similar to a birthday but much more special as it marked the completion of 15 glorious years of success.
It was an evening to celebrate togetherness, recognize the stand-out performers and set the tone to reach the pinnacle. An inspiring welcome note by our Director, Rajesh Bodke apprised the august gathering of our achievements and what lies ahead, which was followed by a slew of entertaining performances by the Markelytes. Notably, the stage was not just open to the employees of Markelytics, but their family members as well. This ensured that a sense of belongingness is extended to the family members of our employees.

This is what we call celebrating the togetherness in the real sense!

While the audience had a great sense of satiation and applauded every performance, it was the set of prestigious awards that stole the limelight, which recognized many employees for exhibiting extraordinary commitment and dedication and the surpassing company’s expectations. The award categories were carefully carved to felicitate the achievers, viz. Spotlight Award for Excellence in Performance saw four employees bag the trophy along with a cash prize. Markelytics also thrives to identify those traits that are necessary to take up the leadership role in the days ahead, and two employees were felicitated with the Young Leadership Award – they received memento and a cash prize. It is not just your KRAs that we at Markelytics look at, the amount of latitude given to all is enormous so that the innovative blend and going outside the book attitude is never curtailed. Two of our colleagues were awarded The Markelyte Award for exhibiting a selfless attitude and doing things outside their KRAs.
In addition to this, there was a Special Recognition Award for showcasing excellent energy and positivity in their work with a willingness to make a difference in the days ahead – this category also saw two employees getting a certificate along with a cash prize. The extravagant evening ushered a new realm of identifying people and appreciating their workmanship – the Directors’ Pick award was bestowed upon two employees for making our management proud with their efforts and sincerity; they bagged a memento and a cash prize.

The table turned!

In a surprising but pleasant gesture, all the four Directors were felicitated by the Markelytes family for giving success and growth to many professionals. Believing in them and giving them the right opportunity is life-changing for many, and they can’t return this trust in any way whatsoever but as a small attempt, a few old guards, on behalf of all the employees, gave ‘Thank You’ felicitation to the four Directors, which was received amidst huge cheer and applause.
The management had something in store for everyone. Before the cake cutting and dinner, everyone received a small gift in the form of 20 grams of a silver coin as a token of remembrance about this 15th Anniversary evening and to acknowledge their efforts & dedication towards the organization.
While the anniversary will certainly denote that it is mostly for the Markelytes family, we made sure that the family of the Markelytes is involved too. We conducted contests such as Lucky Draw and Picture Perfect for our extended family of the evening and winners got away with an on-spot a cash prize.
The closing remarks by our MD/CEO, Jasal Shah stressed the need never to stop trying in a quest to deliver outstanding services and products to our clients and prospects. He also asked the Markelyte family to be prepared to fail but never give up on trying new things – this blend, coupled with the aspiring & visionary welcome note by our Director, Rajesh Bodke, has instilled a new level of enthusiasm and confidence in all the Markelytes, who are ready to take this brand to the highest level of pedestal.


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