Sr. Manager - Project Management

Prem has been a part of the Market Research industry since last 20 years. At markelytics, he manages the online Project management team. He is majorly responsible for RFQs and Project Management, Sampling and Quota Management and Vendor Management. He manages the overall operations of the team. He has worked on several studies for single and multiple markets on several types of tab analysis requests across America, Europe & Asia pacific. 

In his 20 years of experience, he has gained an extensive knowledge about Project Management and Data Analytics. He has worked in multiple sectors like Consumer Durables, Banking, HCP, Leisure & Travel, E-commerce and Automobiles. He has knowledge of various data analytics tools like Quantum, Quanvert, Wincross, SPSS, Uncle, Dimension and Excel. In his previous role at Cross- tab Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd., he worked as a Data Analyst. Apart from managing data analysis there, he coordinated with the vendors on getting open-end coding, performed quality control checks and assisted in the design and final presentation of all projects. 

He has a diploma in Computer Science Engineering. 

His hobbies include Trekking and Photography.