Spirt of Feminism

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Markelytics Solutions Ltd, a global market research agency held an internal campaign – #WonOverMEN, to commemorate International Women’s Day. On this day, the company took the initiative to felicitate women achievers and held various events for its female employees.

The campaign began on March 6, 2017, and ended on March 8 for 85 women employees. #WonOverMEN was a campaign that does not stand for its literal meaning, but the company placed words metaphorically to acknowledge the hard work and dedication shown by the female counterparts.

Markelytics took the initiative to empower and create an equal work platform for its women employees.

Adds, Jasal Shah, CEO and Managing Director- Markelytics Solutions Ltd, “It’s interesting if we observe the word – Women, it already subsumes Men and this is a great reflection that women can do everything a man can do or achieve, if not more! Echoing similar sentiment, we decided to work on the campaign – #WonOverMEN, it was an initiative from the company to encourage and show our support to the women employees. On March 8, we celebrated the spirit of feminism and felicitated all those female colleagues who have excelled in whatever they have taken up through WonOverMEN Certificates. All companies need to celebrate this day for their female counterparts.”

Rachan, Head of HR quipped, “It has been a great day for all the female employees in Markelytics, as various events were organised and also the women were felicitated for their contributions. This personally motivates and encourages women like me to put in more effort to reach their career goals. Markelytics has always treated the employees of both the genders equally and our male counterparts have to be appreciated for their efforts to make this year’s International Women’s Day special for us.”

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