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Preethi Murali, who has been with Markelytics for more than 7 years, now serves as Associate Director & leads a multi-functional team. She is a trendsetter and well known for her professionalism and proactiveness. Know her inspiring tale and the ladder she climbed. 

Give a snapshot of your career progression over the years at Markelytics? 

I think most people would attribute career progression to a change of designation. However, I believe career progression for me has been about skill development, learning, exploring new opportunities and displaying behaviours like decision-making and strategic vision. I am happy that my role at Markelytics has provided me with an opportunity to learn and develop these skills and behaviour. 

Describe your team. 

We are multi-cultural. People with exceptional strengths and talent with positive and winning attitudes have set the bar high for the team. Humility and respect, along with their expertise and achievements, are exemplary. 

Why do you think anyone should choose Markelytics to work? 

Markelytics has a reputation and track record of leading multifunctional teams. Also, the culture supports learning, development on the job and rewards & recognition for hard work. 

Describe yourself in three words. 

I’m an extremely organized person, high on determination and motivation. 

What is your management style? 

I change/tailor my management style to meet the needs of our clients and team. Adaptive and Innovative maybe! 

Share a fun fact that no one knows about you. 

I like jokes (clever ones). 

What are the three things that you look out for before hiring any candidate? 

Some things, apart from qualification and credentials, would be the ability to prioritize matters, communication skills, willingness to take responsibility and personality. These things are key so that we know the candidate is engaged in our vision. 

Role of your team in the success of Markelytics. 

My team directly or indirectly reaches out to customers/clients on a daily and plays a pivotal role in helping differentiate a company from its competitors. Markelytics stands out for its long list of satisfied clients over the years, and I can attribute a large part of this success to our team. 

One liner for someone who is new at Markelytics. 

Welcome to a world where passion invites learning, knowledge invites wisdom and behaviour invites attitude. Welcome Aboard! 

 Your motivational pill for the team. 

The strength of the team is each member. The strength of each member is the Team – Phil Jackson 

Your mantra of life 

The difference starts with me; No work is stressful, It is your inability to manage your body, mind and emotions that makes it stressful. What your mind can conceive and believe, you can achieve – Napoléon Hill 


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